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Information by phone or email can be asked to the following numbers:

Phone: +39 0586 89.50.42

Mobile: +39 347 65.38.511

Booking the Odeon Parking for a parking longer than one day it is easy and convenient..
It is possible to leave and withdraw the car at any moment of the day and night, to park the car for the time you need and keep with you the vehicle keys.
The Parking is just few minutes by foot from the Harbour of Leghorn. .
It is also possible to park at Odeon even in case of 1-day boat trips and holidays that need the use of ferries.
The choice of subscription is flexible and very cheap:  

      • 1  week:    50 €
      • 2 weeks:   100 € 
Once the reservation is made on line and we get the confirmation by email, you can withdraw the subscription at the parking cash dispenser that is active 24/24 h and 7/7 days, as follows:

  1. At the arrival, take the ticket at the entrance bar to enter the parking
  2. Once you park the car, go to the ground floor to purchase the suscription for the period of time needed at a cash dispenser 
  3. Insert the ticket you got at the entrance into the cash dispenser. You need to wait at least 10 minutes after the ticket’ withdrawal to purchase the subscription. Otherwise the cash dispenser doesn’t let you complete the task.
  4. On the display of the cash dispenser you see the article “abb xx giorni”(sub. Xx days)”
  5. Click on the button of the reserved article and on the display you see the amount to insert into the cash dispenser
  6. Insert the money requested and the cash dispenser will print the subscription 
  7. Keep the subscription because you will need it to leave the parking (you have to insert it into the exit column, without coming back to the cash dispenser).